Filtration & Conditioning Systems

Water In Fuel Oil

Unlike gasoline, diesel fuel acts as a coolant and a lubricant for the generator's injection system. Such parts are engineered to incredibly precise tolerances up to 0.0002 inch and any type of contamination means rapid wear or seizure. Water not only displaces diesel fuel as a coolant and lubricant, it acts as a cutting agent, scoring and damaging injection system parts. Water that enters the combustion chamber results in even more equipment damage. For example, when water comes in contact with the heat of the combustion chamber (more than 2,000 degrees F), it immediately turns to steam and often explodes the tip of the injector. The injector system is the heart of the diesel engine and represents, on the average, 30 percent of the cost of the unit. Repair of these parts can cost thousands of dollars.

Degradation of Fuel Oil

Diesel fuel starts to degrade quickly due to bacteria and fungi which thrive on impurities such as moisture, scale, and dust particles in the fuel. It is critical that these impurities be removed for smooth, reliable operation of the emergency generator. In addition, as particulates develop, the slime they create sticks to the walls of the tanks and begin a corrosion process that can also lead to tank damage and possible fuel leakage into the ground. 

Fuel Filtration System

  • (1) Viking Positive Displacement Gear Pump with internal relief valve  
  • Simplex Basket Strainer with differential pressure switch for “strainer dirty” alarm indication 
  • Racor Filter elements for removal of water & particulates to 1 micron (5 micron standard) 
  • Leak switch for indication of spilled oil 
  • Water collection tank inside cabinet with optional heater 
  • Filtration capacity up to 1500 GPH


Control Panel Features:

  • UL-508A Approved 
  • Operator Interface for (setup and alarm / status indications) 
  • Carbon Steel NEMA 4 Weatherproof Enclosure 
  • Alarm Light, Horn, Reset Pushbutton 
  • Power On Light 
  • Power Disconnect



  • Strainer Dirty
  • Filter / Coelescer Dirty  
  • Water in Fuel
  • High Water In Collection Tank
  • Filtration System Failure 
  • Filtration System Leak 
  • Tank Selection Valves Misaligned (multi-tank systems)


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