Parkland Hospital

Dallas, Texas

Completed in 2012, ISP equipment includes:

  • Duplex pumpsets for emergency generators & boilers as well as a duplex pumped fill station.  
  • Fuel filtration system
  • 7 day tank control panels and a tank gauging system with leak detection

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Columbus, Ohio

Completed in 2009, ISP equipment includes:

  • Pre-packaged day tanks 
  • Fuel system controls 
  • Tank gauging & leak detection

Capital Health System

Hopewell, New Jersey

Completed in 2011, ISP equipment includes:

  • Four 12,000 gallon firegard tanks
  • Two duplex pumpsets, one for the generators and one for the boilers 
  • Pumpsets were supplied inside freestanding cabinets to allow for limited space availibility

University Medical Center

Princeton, NJ

Opened in 2012, ISP equipment includes:

  • Underground storage tanks with submersible pumps
  • Fuel filtration/conditioning system
  • Fuel system controls
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