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Avoid Fuel System Damage

Your fuel transfer system and emergency power generators depend on good quality fuel to operate at peak performance. Fuel contaminated with sediment and water can wear down system components and cause inefficiencies or system failures.

ISP has over 25 years of experience providing organizations worldwide with fast and accurate fuel testing laboratory analysis that helps them ensure that they’ll have access to the emergency power they need to avoid shutdowns in their mission-critical operations. Hospitals, data centers, financial centers, schools, stadiums, and other essential businesses rely on our decades of experience, specialized industry knowledge, and outstanding reputation to provide fast, accurate fuel sampling and analysis.

Avoid Catastrophic Shutdowns of your Operations

Avoid Catastrophic Shutdowns of your Operations

Why Does Your System Need Clean Fuel?

Abrasive wear caused by particulate contaminants in fuel can shorten the life of your fuel transfer system and backup power generators. Dust, dirt, and other sediments clog the fuel filtration system and can cause the fuel pump to overwork, leading to engine inefficiencies and eventual fuel pump failure.

Simply put, if your fuel isn’t clean, you’re more likely to experience fuel transfer system and emergency generator failures that could lead to catastrophic shutdowns of your operations.

Fuel Tests

The following tests have been specifically chosen to determine fuel quality in long-term storage with emphasis on filter/fuel line plugging, safe handling, and clean fuel housekeeping.

Water & Sediment

The amount of water suspended or emulsified in the fuel. Water can promote microbial growth, corrode metals, clog filters, and blow injector tips.

Flash Point

The temperature at which diesel fuel will ignite when an ignition source is introduced. The lower the flashpoint temperature, the easier it is to ignite the air if an ignition source is present. The higher the flashpoint, the safer the material is to handle.

Cloud Point

The temperature below which wax in diesel forms a cloudy appearance. The presence of solidified waxes thickens the oil and clogs fuel filters and injectors in engines. Biodiesel Content – Standard method evaluation for biodiesel determination in diesel blends. Max is 5% for new deliveries, however, will not harm generators until upwards of 20%.

Microbial Growth

The presence of microbial growth is commonly found when water is present in the tank. Algae, fungi, and mold can multiply quickly and clog filters and fuel lines.

Bottom Visual Sample

Visual sample to determine the cleanliness of the tanks bottom. Water at the bottom of the tank can lead to microbial growth throughout the entire tank. If water builds up over time it can eventually reach the generator suction line.

Particle Count

Cleanliness test to determine the amount and size of particles within a range. Diesel OEM desired fuel cleanliness is 18/16/13.

Haze Rating

Visual inspection of a sample to determine haziness or clarity on a scale from 1-6. A haze rating of #1 means the fuel is clear and bright with a #6 meaning very thick or dark haze.

The ISP Fuel Testing Lab

The ISP Fuel Testing Lab

ISP’s Fast and Accurate Fuel Testing Laboratory

As a reputable and experienced fuel testing company, ISP is the trusted source for diesel fuel analysis among hospitals, financial institutions, schools, sports arenas, and data centers worldwide. Our experts are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind that your fuel transfer system and emergency generators will work as they should in the event of a power outage.

ISP has trained technicians that can take a fuel sample from a bulk storage tank and hand deliver to the lab. We provide you with the fastest possible results so you can take immediate corrective actions to remediate your fuel’s quality. Our fuel quality experts can provide you with recommendations to improve fuel quality, which may be mobile fuel polishing, supplying biocide/additives, or servicing of a filter system.

Who Needs ISP’s Fuel Transfer System Solutions?

Mission Critical Fuel Transfer System Solutions

Organizations trust ISP Fuel Transfer Systems to safeguard their ability to perform critical services during power outages. In many cases, our fuel transfer systems protect the wellbeing of people whose lives depend on crucial medical services. From medical centers, financial institutions and data centers to schools and stadiums, ISP has created unique fuel transfer system solutions that ensure a readily available, usable fuel supply for the mission-critical systems of organizations throughout the world.

  • Hospital and Medical Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Schools
  • Government Facilities
  • Stadiums and Arenas

Top 5 Reasons Companies Depend on ISP for Fuel Testing


Since 1996, ISP’s expert team of fuel transfer professionals has been the worldwide provider of top-notch fuel transfer system services to mission-critical organizations in various industries. Our professional team provides accurate on-site fuel testing and analysis that enables our clients to make crucial decisions about their fuel supply.


At ISP, our priority is keeping your FTS operating efficiently to help you avoid potentially harmful business shutdowns. Our clients know they can depend on us to provide accurate, affordable and timely diesel fuel sampling and analysis.

Dedication to Excellence

Our top-notch fuel supply system services have earned us an outstanding reputation throughout the nation. Our team is 100% dedicated to providing you with fast and accurate fuel sampling, testing, and analysis to help you keep your crucial operations running smoothly.


When your existing fuel transfer system becomes inefficient or inoperable, ISP can provide you with the fastest possible fuel testing and analysis and recommend next steps to minimize system downtime.

Outstanding Customer Support

As a leading fuel analysis company and collaborative partner, ISP helps safeguard your crucial operations and helps you build a successful business.

Learn How ISP Can Help Your Business Succeed

We’d love to discuss with you how our unique fuel transfer solutions can help your organization be successful. Let us show you how a long term relationship with ISP Fuel Systems can ensure that your fuel supply system needs are always a priority.

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