Manholes & Monitoring Wells

EBW Fiber Reinforced Composite Manholes


  • Exceeds D.O.T. Requirements - engineered for high-strength and tested to over 50,000 lbs. loads (2 1/2 time D.O.T. requirements without failure)
  • Fatigue resistant - have undergone 30 year life simulation testing, with 11,000 loading cycles of 20,000 lbs. each.
  • Lighweight - The FRC compostive covers weigh almost 1/3 less than steel. Lighter weight reduces back injuries, increases ease of access to manhole, and decreases shipping costs.
  • Skirting - made of 1/4" rolled angle iron. Skirt is 14 gauge steel - built to handle the heaviest traffic.
  • "Slide Action Cover" - Cover is removed and replaced by placing the Slide Action Handle into the plate on the cover. No bending down to remove the cover.
  • Cover Options - bolted, non-bolted, and slide on models.
  • Optional Kevlar covers - for extra wear protection at heavy traffic site. Available for 36" and 42" models only. 

EBW Steel Manholes


  • Covers meet or exceed D.O.T. H20 load rating
  • Available in heavy duty non-bolted version and a (WT) bolted version (WT includes bolts and gaskets)
  • Painted rust-proof black
  • 24 square inch manhole is manufactured using all welded construction. Corners are matched tight to ensure proper fit with covers.

EBW Monitoring Well Manholes

These manholes are equipped with strong cast iron bolt-down lids to provide a "limited access", watertight seal to prevent driveway contamination from entering manhole, and a heavy duty cast iron rim for street traffic. A distinctive triangle design and words, "Do Not Fill - Test Well" are cast into the cover to meet API specifications. 

OPW Cast Iron Manhole


  • Full-size internal diameters for maximum access and working area 
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) - All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway -20 rating. 
  • Rugged cast iron covers and body rings 
  • Cast-in non-skid finish on covers 
  • Sturdy, extra long steel skirts 
  • Individually boxed for ease of handling

OPW Composite Cover Manhole


  • Slip-resistant tread pattern  
  • Easy removal and replacement 
  • Two lifting options; Stainless Steel Recessed Handle or Key-Lift Provision 
  • Reduced risk of back, foot and hand injuries 
  • Unmatched deflection performance 
  • Outstanding long-term durability in rigorous cycle tests 
  • Three mounting options 
  • Unique structural fiberglass reinforcement matrix 
  • Water-resistant models available 
  • Bolt-down models available 
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers’ covers 
  • Load rated to over three times H20 
  • Powder coated ring and brass bolts help to prevent rust and corrosion 
  • Ribbed gasket peel and stick design for easy replacement 
  • Roto-Lock Models - For securing a raintight connection without the need to locate threaded  bolt holes in the mounting ring. The Roto-Lock offers quick and easy access, while  maintaining a secure sump application. 
  • Retrofit Old 46" and 48" Manholes - Convert existing 46" or 48" manholes into 44CD style -  Conquistador by installing a special 

OPW Steel Manhole


  • Standard and Raintight Models Available -
  • Raintight models include Buna-N gaskets and recessed hex-head bolts or Roto-Lock fasteners to help prevent water intrusion. 
  •  Wide Range of Sizes - Sizes range from 8" to 48" (25 to 122 cm) to accommodate a wide range of  applications. Custom sizes and configurations are also available.
  •  Easy Cover Removal - An integral recessed handle is included on all raintight and plain manholes 24" and  larger. Manholes 42" and larger include dual recessed handles and provision for centered 1/2" - 13  threaded allen head blind plug for easy removal so that a 1/2" 13 eyebolt can be threaded into the hole for easier removal of covers. 
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) - All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway 20 rating.