Anti-Siphon Valve


  • Hydrostatic pressure adjusting mechanism with durable weather cap. 
  • Built in thermal expansion pressure relief valve. 
  • 3/4" and 1" models are ideal for fuel oil and generator applications. 
  • Can be installed in horizontal or vertical position. 
  • Can be used in pressure systems. 
  • NFPA 30. 
  • API/RP 2000.

Dixon Type DC Dust Caps

Available in:

  • Aluminum 
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Stainless Steel

Emergency Vents


The 244 emergency vent consists of a body and a black powder coated cover (2" not powder coated) that moves up and down on a center pin. Pressure inside the tank forces the cover to lift up off the vent seat, allowing air to exhaust. The center pin guides the movement. When pressure falls the cover lowers back down onto seat and the vent is automatically reset.

OEM Fill Caps


  • Heavy-duty locking covers
  • Hinged and hasped designs
  • Iron fill cap keys
  • Available in sizes from 1-1/2" to 8"
  • Locking and non-locking covers
  • Vented and sealed designs 
  • Models for flush applications
  • N.Y.C. improved

Foot Valve Extractor


The 320 foot valve extractor is designed for use with the 150 and 156 1-1/2" foot valves. This 20 lb. extractor valve provides a means to remove foot valves easily from underground storage tanks for cleaning or servicing. The 320 foot valve extractor is gasket sealed to prevent loss of prime caused by air being sucked in through the top fi tting.

Brass Foot Valves


  • Metal to metal poppet seating. 
  • 24 mesh screen protects the valve from debris. 
  • All valves are pressure tested to ensure accuracy.

Kamlok Couplers


The 633BD has a Kamlok® Coupler on one end and external threads on the other end. This coupler should be threaded into an OPW 190 Nozzle and then coupled to the 61ƒSTOP for fi lling ASTs.

AST Overfill Prevention Valve


  • Cylindrical float design eliminates interference with tank walls and cross braces. 
  • 100 psi working pressure rating. 
  • Flow rate 200 gpm at 20 psi. 
  • No minimum flow rate. 
  • Ships complete with upper nipple and tight fill adapter with crossbar to prevent open fills. 
  • Simply thread onto a 4" riser pipe to install. Length of upper tube determines shut-off point.

Autolimiter II Automatic Shut-off Valve


  • Two-stage, spring-loaded shut-off fl apper reduces line shock. 
  • Vertical fl oat design allows for valve to be removed even when tank is full. 
  • Inspection test port. 
  • Bottom tube threads on (except for -04 models).

OPW 61SO Overfill Prevention Valves


  • Simple, Easy and Quick Installation – no excavation or special manholes required.
  • Economical – costs a fraction of expensive, complicated and difficultto-install valves.
  • Furnished Complete – supplied with new upper and lower drop tubes, mounting hardware and thorough instructions for quick job site time.
  • Completely Automatic Operation – no prechecks to perform, no resets, and no overrides to be broken or abused.
  • No Pressurization of the Tank – operates directly from liquid level.
  • Will Accept a Dipstick for Gauging Features Listings and Certifications
  • Retrofits Directly – for both new and existing tanks with 4" fill risers.
  • Quick Drain Feature – automatically drains hose when head pressure is relieved.
  • Best Flow Rate in The Industry*

High Capacity Submersible Turbine Pump


  • High Performance - FE Petro’s two-stage centrifugal pump design is coupled with a dependable Franklin Electric motor to provide higher heads, faster fuel delivery and lower cost operation. Motors are all three phase for smooth trouble-free operation, and are available in various voltages. Units come standard with 6” diameter riser pipe to mount the pump to the tank. 
  • Ease of Maintenance - If service is required, all FE Petro products are designed to put the operator back in business fast. Maintenance on the pump motor assembly, can be performed without having an electrician on site, because no wires are broken. Large diameter pins and sockets provide automatic open circuiting and disconnecting of the wiring when the extractable portion of the pump is removed. There is no diffi cult cam lock which has to be turned. Easily removed bolts provide the means to extract the unit. Properly spaced lifting eyes facilitate the removal of the unit without disturbing the discharge piping piping. The pump motor assembly is easily removed from the discharge head by removing four bolts and using standard pusher bolts. Replacement pump motor assemblies are available for comparably sized existing Tokheim and Red Jacket pumps. 
  • Reliability - Quality engineering and simplicity of design work hand in hand to insure years of reliable performance from every High Capacity unit. The continuous duty, three-phase Franklin motor with carbon bearings and stainless steel journals is the industry standard. The impellers, made of molded Delrin, and diffusers of hard coated aluminum with a stainless steel pump shaft assure trouble-free operation in motor fuels. Dual (180˚ opposed) 3” horizontal discharge ports provide easy installation, and two built-in line check valves reduce installation costs. Two line pressure relief valves protect the dispensers, meters, and piping from abnormal pressures from thermal expansion. The mesh screen on the pump inlet prevents large particles from entering the unit, and the FE Petro High Capacity unit is compatible with existing high capacity leak detector technology. New units are easily connected to fi eld wiring without disassembly of the unit. 
  • Satisfaction - Every FE Petro pump undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before leaving our factory. Each and every High Capacity Pump is built to your tank and bury specifi cations and the complete assembly is performance tested to insure that your needs are met. All High Capacity Pumps are UL listed and meet the requirements of UL 79.