Cisco Data Center

Allen, Texas

Completed in 2010, ISP equipment includes

  • Fuel system controls 
  • Fuel filtration system 
  • Pre-packaged day tanks with all devices & controls assembled and tested at the factory prior to shipment.

Sentinel Data Center

Somerset, New Jersey

Completed in 2011, ISP equipment includes: 

  • Redundant master control panels 
  • Underground storage tanks with submersible pumps,
  • Fuel filtration system 
  • Pre-packaged day tanks with devices & controls factory mounted & tested prior to shipment

New York Stock Exchange

New York, NY

Completed in 2004, ISP equipment includes:

  • Duplex Pumpset 
  • Fuel Filtration System
  • Master & Remote Annunciator Control Panels
  • Tank Gauging with Leak Detection


Mexico City, Mexico

Completed in 2015, ISP equipment includes:

  • (2) Duplex Pumpsets for emergency generators with remote annunciator panels at each day tank. 
  • Touch screens were setup to display in Spanish and English to assure ease of use by the system operators.

Capital Health System

Hopewell, New Jersey
Medical Centers

Completed in 2011, ISP equipment includes:

  • Four 12,000 gallon firegard tanks
  • Two duplex pumpsets, one for the generators and one for the boilers 
  • Pumpsets were supplied inside freestanding cabinets to allow for limited space availability

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Columbus, Ohio
Medical Centers

Completed in 2009, ISP equipment includes:

  • Pre-packaged day tanks 
  • Fuel system controls 
  • Tank gauging & leak detection

Parkland Hospital

Dallas, Texas
Medical Centers

Completed in 2012, ISP equipment includes:

  • Duplex pumpsets for emergency generators & boilers as well as a duplex pumped fill station.  
  • Fuel filtration system
  • 7 day tank control panels and a tank gauging system with leak detection

University Medical Center

Princeton, NJ
Medical Centers

Opened in 2012, ISP equipment includes:

  • Underground storage tanks with submersible pumps
  • Fuel filtration/conditioning system
  • Fuel system controls

Yankee Stadium

Bronx, New York

Completed in 2008, ISP equipment includes:

  • Underground fuel storage tank for emergency generators, submersible pumps 
  • Tank gauging & leak detection.  
  • Controls for automatic operation of the system

Mobile Filtration/Fill Station

New Jersey
Unique Solutions

Completed in 2015:

ISP Fuel Systems designed and constructed this fully mobile pumping unit for a major data center in Northern New Jersey.
Pump & motor starts using a pull cord so no electricity is required. Pump is designed to deliver approximately 300 GPM to either fill tanks or filter them through a Racor horizontal filter vessel. A truly unique solution.